5 Best Crypto YouTubers You MUST Follow If You’re New To Bitcoin!

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Bitcoin, altcoins, stablecoins and defi are fast becoming mainstream news. If you're new to the hype we've created a list of the 5 BEST Crypto YouTubers to help you get started on your journey!

There are a lot of great Bitcoin and cryptocurrency influencers out there, but these guys are the Top Crypto Youtubers that first inspired the team at Beginners Crypto Guide, and have influenced and motivated us to share our journey with you by creating this blog!

So without further ado,

BCG's Best 5 Crypto
YouTubers for Beginners

#5 Crypto Casey

Casey Leigh Henry, known to most as Crypto Casey, has just shy of 70,000 subscribers with an average of 160,000 views on her videos.

Crypto Casey has provided us with 11 key videos on her channel with everything to get started as a beginner in crypto and blockchain.

Crypto Casey had to make our best crypto Youtubers for beginners list because of her ability to explain terms in an uncomplicated and effective way with useful graphic visuals. She can clearly communicate simplified definitions of complex concepts.

Crypto Casey

By checking out these videos early on in your crypto journey, you will feel less intimidated by the new technology, and leave feeling excited about the future of money!

Crypto Casey’s most popular video with over 779,000 views

How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginner – is available to watch below:

#4 Crypto Jebb

Crypto Jebb explains Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis – which is basically comparing various trends and cycles in the stock market history to the cryptocurrency market in an attempt to predict Bitcoin’s fluctuation of value.

Crypto Jebb has over 40,000 subscribers and is active 7 days a week bringing daily updates on Bitcoin’s latest moves. He will politely advise his viewers on his community feed the very odd occasion he is unable to do a video i.e Christmas/family emergency etc.

Crypto Jebb

This YouTuber is an extremely clued-up 19 year old – he recently explained in one episode how we humans have become accustomed to the immediate gratification dopamine hit through use of social media etc. reminding his viewers to think and invest for the long term, and only invest what you can afford to lose

In addition to daily crypto updates, Crypto Jebb has also created an online Technical Analysis Academy! This is the ultimate place to learn all things technical analysis, and help sharpen your investing/trading skills.

Check out Crypto Jebb’s most popular video in the past 2 weeks – reaching 23,000 views:


#3 Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie has racked up 116,000 subscribers totalling 13.5 million views since the beginning of 2018.

K-Dub who hosts the daily Crypto Zombie Show releases videos on the latest Bitcoin and cryptomarket updates, usually beginning with a humorous cartoon or meme to get his audience engaged.

Crypto Zombie has recently received several awards from the Blockchain Influencer Awards (formerly known as Crypto Influencer Awards). The series was also the 2019 winner for Best News source, winner for Most Educational 2019 & 2020, and overall influencer of the year 2019, whilst achieving a tie-win in 2020!

Crypto Zombie

Follow the link below to see Crypto Zombie’s most popular video this past week hitting over 48,000 views:


#2 Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily makes it at No.2 on our top crypto Youtubers list. It’s brought to you every day by brothers Aaron and Austin with the shared goal of using altcoins to stack more Bitcoin. To quote the Altcoin Daily duo, they are everymen and their channel is for the everyman!

top Crypto Youtubers
Altcoin Daily
The daily show is engaging, educational and relatable – there’s no wonder it has 191,000 subscribers!

Altcoin Daily has received multiple awards for their show from the Blockchain Influencer Awards.

This year they won Best YouTuber and Best News Source 2020!

Altcoin Daily’s most popular video this past week reached over 55,000 views – check it out below:

JP Morgan Goes ALL IN on Cryptocurrency in 2020!! | Best News on Cryptocurrency in 2020

#1 Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech started his YouTube channel with the idea of doing a video every single day without fail“if it’s a bad video, the next day will be better!”

In just over 2 years Ivan has transformed his YouTube channel, backed by 227,000 subscribers with over 20.5 million views across this site alone.
In addition to being an international speaker, educator, developer and data scientist, Ivan hosts Good Morning Crypto broadcasting live from his own website ivanontech.com/live each and every day at 8am CET, before being uploaded later in the morning to YouTube. You can subscribe to notifications for his live-streams by clicking here!
Best crypto Youtubers
In addition to live-streaming from his website, Ivan has built a super chat in which he interacts with his almost 800 live daily viewers.
Following the success of the Ivan on Tech YouTube channel, the Ivan on Tech Academy was created! This is the space on the internet to learn all things Bitcoin and Blockchain, with new courses updated regularly. You can read our review of the academy here.
We couldn’t think of anyone better suited for the top position for best crypto YouTubers for beginners. Ivan is very active in the Cryptosphere and very welcoming to newbies!
Ivan on Tech’s most popular video has received nearly half a million views: 
Building a Blockchain in Under 15 Minutes – Programmer explains

CLICK HERE for a 7 day FREE TRIAL at The Ivan on Tech Academy!

We hope you’ll find these Crypto YouTube channels as helpful and inspiring as we did.

Feel free to comment below and let us know who you think the Best Crypto YouTubers are.

*all numbers and stats are accurate as of May 26th 2020

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