The BEST 9 Crypto Gift Ideas in 2020 [For Every Budget!]

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It’s that time of year again. You promised yourself last year that it would be different this time. You’d be organized and have Christmas all wrapped up before the mania ensues. However, that’s why we’ve brought to you our list of the best crypto gift ideas in 2020

Black Friday sales have lost some of their charm recently, so as Amazon braces for another beautiful winter, you recall an outlier… A family member that slipped through the net, and you need to act fast to save Christmas. First question: Do they like crypto? Regardless, they should probably consider it. 

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9 TOP Crypto Gift Ideas

Give Crypto As A Gift

Why not give the greatest gift of all this Christmas? Not only could you set someone up for an incredible investment, but you could open their eyes to an entirely new world. Understanding cryptocurrency is one thing, but having skin in the game forces you to pay attention to the markets.

Not only is this the perfect crypto gift. Furthermore, the tax implications around crypto gifts are often lenient in many jurisdictions. This makes it easy to pass-on generational wealth on the blockchain despite regulatory unclarity.

Crypto is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re stuck for options, simply giving crypto to someone you care about could be life-changing for them.

Introduce Them To The World Of Crypto

If your loved one is keen to see how the crypto ecosystem works, why not show them? Centralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase offer a simple gateway to buying and selling crypto for newbies. Coinbase is perhaps the simplest, user-friendly crypto exchange on the market right now, while Binance supports approximately 150 crypto assets.

Furthermore, Binance offers a range of features including derivatives, staking, and leverage (only to be used by experienced traders). 

If you’re looking to get started in crypto, you can earn up to $10 for free with your first Coinbase deposit using this link. Also if you’re interested in trading altcoins on Binance, save money on fees by signing up here.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token that can hold unique information such as ownership rights. Bitcoin is a fungible cryptocurrency. If Bob loans Sally 1 BTC, when Sally returns the asset, it doesn’t matter that it is not the exact same BTC as Bob initially gave her. Fungible tokens are interchangeable. NFTs however, hold slightly different properties and can be used for various use cases.

One of the most prominent use cases for NFTs is in gaming. NFTs allow players to verify the scarcity of an in-game item or weapon, adding a layer of transparency to the experience. Such items can be verified on the blockchain, making the game provably fair.

Digital art is tokenized on the blockchain using NFTs to prove originality, authenticity, and scarcity. As crypto gift ideas go, this could score you the most points! Platforms such as Opeansea allow users to buy, sell, and trade limited-edition goods and discover a whole world of virtual property.

Despite the NFT market still developing, by purchasing a verifiably scarce piece of art, not only could you spice up your living room, but it could increase in value, serving as a store of wealth.

If you have a friend or family member that is a fan of collectibles, perhaps you might introduce them to CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is a platform where users can buy, sell, and breed cute kitties. The older the generation of kittie, the more unique or desirable the DNA of that kittie. CryptoKitties was largely responsible for the extreme network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017. This shows that NFT collectibles are here to stay.

NFTs are also used for intellectual property and digital rights ownership. The space is evolving so rapidly that one day your cute NFT collectible could be worth a pretty penny!

Hardware Wallet

If your loved one has been hodling for the last few months, they may have made some tasty gains. There comes a time, though, when a portfolio needs protecting. This is where hardware wallets come in. Often referred to as “cold storage” or “offline wallets”, this is almost always the safest way to store your cryptocurrency.

Although reputable exchanges like Coinbase and Binance are among the most secure and reliable exchanges available, self-custody is the best way to look after your crypto assets. Exchanges should only be used for substantial holdings when you intend to trade them. Otherwise, a hardware wallet is the way forward.

There are several hardware wallets on the market right now, and it can be difficult to know which to trust. As most would agree, the Ledger cold storage and Trezor hardware devices are unanimously the most trusted and secure on the market. This is by far the best way to keep your Bitcoin safe. If your loved one has been flipping alts and stacking sats for a few months now, it may be time to consider a Ledger or a Trezor hardware wallet. A perfect stocking filler for your beloved hodler!

Crypto Merch

If you’re stuck for crypto gift ideas, crypto merch is a no-brainer. Bitcoin Gear is the one-stop-shop for all your Bitcoin merch. All items are reasonably priced and of the highest quality! 

Next, we have Mt Socks. Named after the infamous cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox, creating unique and quirky sock designs to cover your feet in style. Also, all Mt Gox socks can be traced on the blockchain, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Check out the full Mt Sox range to find the perfect Christmas present for your loved one!

A unique Bitcoin address is assigned for each pair of socks sold. This comes with a message containing information about the date of purchase and order ID. By using Bitcoin’s Message Signing feature, Mt Sox can provide proof-of-sock on the blockchain.

Satoshi Studio Sneakers

Satoshi Studios has created some of the most stylish and eco-friendly sneakers available. Each of their products is traceable on the blockchain and comes with a QR code so you can see exactly where your sneakers came from, the suppliers, materials, and origin.

Satoshi Studios is helping the fashion industry clamp down on counterfeiting, which is costing the industry billions. The company allows customers to trace every step of the lifecycle of their product on the blockchain. Satoshi Studios has created a decentralized database to store information about the lifecycle of their products. This immutable ledger not only proves ownership but also guarantees authenticity and trust throughout the supply chain.

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Hand made in Portugal using only the finest materials, Satoshi Studios Sneakers are perhaps the most stylish gift you could give to your crypto-loving companion this Christmas.

Crypto Books

Christmas dinner is finished, the dishes are done, and Die Hard is playing on TV again. Your loved one is trying hard not to check their phone for the latest price updates. This is where a crypto book would be the perfect crypto gift idea.

Some of our favorites include The Bitcoin Standard, The Internet of Money, and Mastering Bitcoin. There’s some fantastic reading material out there for crypto lovers. Although the internet is packed full of crypto news and updates, taking the time to read the thoughts of some of the greatest minds in the industry gives an insight into the inner workings of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a way that is more practical for some people.

Authors such as Andreas Antonopoulos and Saifedean Ammous are among the most articulate and thought-provoking writers in the crypto space. With topics ranging from the technical workings of the blockchain to the history of money, these crypto books are a great read for the festive period.


CoinGecko is a website that provides a comprehensive cryptocurrency market overview. Features include the most up-to-date analysis including price, market cap, and trading volumes.

Furthermore, CoinGecko runs a “Candies” reward scheme. By signing into the website everyday users can collect candies which can be used to exchange for merch. If you’ve been hodling your candies for some time, you may be surprised to see the crypto gift ideas on offer.

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Prizes include the “How To DeFi” book, and the CoinGecko “Swag Pack”, which includes a selection of crypto-related goodies. This could be a life-saver if you’re stuck for crypto gift ideas!


The best gift you can give this Christmas is education. During recent economic uncertainty, there has never been a better time to up-skill or retrain. The Ivan on Tech Academy is the perfect place to begin your blockchain education. Regardless of experience, the Academy has courses to suit all skill levels! 

Ivan on Tech Academy

Ivan on Tech broadcasts live at 8 am Central European Time, straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. His Youtube Channel has over 270,000 subscribers and the live stream of his “Good Morning Crypto” show attracts up to 1.6k viewers daily.

The Ivan on Tech Academy is the premier blockchain academy, recognized globally, and backed by a team of industry professionals. Create a personalized study plan and interact with your own personal mentor to help you on your journey. There are so many opportunities in blockchain right now. The Ivan on Tech Academy is the perfect gift for anyone looking to make the leap into a rapidly-evolving industry.

Blockchain is currently the most in-demand skill on LinkedIn, so there’s never been a better time to get involved! By learning about blockchain now, you put yourself in the ‘early adopter’ category. This puts you ahead of the pack in terms of knowledge and career prospects. 

Take this 30-second quiz to figure out your career path in the exciting world of crypto. It could lead to something special, landing you or your loved one in a highly paid blockchain career!

Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy

Another fantastic platform for learning how to trade cryptocurrency is the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy (CT2A) founded by Youtube star Crypto Jebb. Jebb has years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis, which is brought together in CT2A.

To newcomers, understanding cryptocurrency can feel daunting. However, cryptocurrency analysis is a profitable, and rewarding skill. With commitment and dedication, you can acquire the methodologies of a highly successful crypto trader. 


CT2A is a fast-track program that saves you countless hours of searching the internet, providing the latest, high-quality content all in one place. No subscription or strings attached, a one-time payment grants you a life-time access to the Academy.

Use the coupon code “beginnerscryptoguide” at checkout to receive $75 off CT2A!

9 Best Crypto Gift Ideas in 2020 Summary

Whether you’re buying for a crypto pro or a no-coiner, there’s something for everyone on this list! You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the best crypto gift ideas. Whether it’s for fun, or to help someone take that next step, hopefully this article has given you food for thought when looking for the best crypto gift ideas in 2020.

Christmas can be chaotic, especially if you’re stuck for gift ideas. But fear not. After all, who doesn’t want a Monero Christmas jumper or a pair of Litecoin underpants in their stocking on Christmas morning?

There is an abundance of crypto gift ideas for 2020. Whether it’s just for a laugh, or to help someone further their understanding, you’re spoiled for choice! The best gift you can give someone at this time of year though, is education. By acquiring new skills in the most in-demand industry, you could help someone make that life-changing career move they’ve been putting off for years. Alternatively, you could gain some serious kudos for picking up a limited edition piece of crypto memorabilia

Happy hodl-days everyone! We look forward to sharing more exciting new content with you in the new year. Stay safe!

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