How to Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase in 5 Easy Steps (With Images!)

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How to buy bitcoin on coinbase
Screenshot of Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

If you’re new to Crypto, or have recently created a Coinbase account, or maybe you’re unsure, Beginners Crypto Guide has all you need to get started. We’ll show you how quick and easy it is to safely purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase.

We have outlined 5 simple steps with photos as an easy guide to show you how simple it is to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

There are so many ways to invest in cryptocurrency these days, it can be difficult to know who to trust or who to rely on. Without the correct information it can be difficult to know how to purchase Bitcoin safely.

With so many different options and so little solid information available, it’s important that you understand how and why it is so important to buy your Bitcoin on a safe and secure platform such as Coinbase.

How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

Step 1 - Click the 'Trade' Button

Trade on Coinbase
How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase
Bottom MIDDLE BLUE button

Let’s learn how simple it is to safely purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase.

Firstly log in to your account either online at or by using the mobile app.


The trade button is located at the top right hand corner on the Coinbase website.


If you’re using the mobile app, it’s the blue center button on the bottom of your screen on Coinbase.


Step 2 - Confirm you want to buy

Buy Bitcoin on coinbase
how to buy Bitcoin on coinbase
Choose to TOP option to BUY

You’ll be greeted with one of the above pages after you have clickedtrade‘.


If you’re using make sure BUY is highlighted on the top left, then click on the first option to confirm you want to buy Bitcoin.


On the mobile app you will have a choice of 3 options. Click the FIRST option to BUY.

Step 3 - Confirm you want to buy Bitcoin

(or any other asset should you prefer)

Bitcoin on Coinbase
Bitcoin will be the FIRST prompted choice
Buying assets on Coinbase
Select Bitcoin as your asset choice

Now you will be presented with the choice of assets, (cryptocurrencies) you would like to purchase. For this example we’ll stick with Bitcoin.


On the website the pop up screen will show a list of cryptocurrencies available. As Coinbase is the largest broker of Bitcoin, this will always appear at the top of the list. Now select Bitcoin!


The Coinbase app will next take you to a list and prompt you to ‘Select asset to buy‘. Click Bitcoin to move on to the next step.

Step 4 - Select the amount you'd like to spend

TOP TIP: If you are budgeting to buy more than one cryptocurrency, you will be charged a fee for each transaction you place.

Converting fiat currency on Coinbase usually comes with a larger fee than when converting digital currencies. 

You can reduce fees and charges by making a single conversion from fiat to cryptocurrency, then converting your digital assets as you want to. 

If you make several fiat-crypto transactions it will likely incur higher fees than one fiat-crypto transaction followed by a few crypto-crypto conversions.

See our easy guide for converting your cryptocurrency on Coinbase coming this weekend! (Now live!)

How to buy bitcoin on coinbase

Next you will be asked to type in the amount you wish to spend. There’s a fairly large limit to the amount you can buy, which recently increased to $25,000 per day for verified Coinbase customers. See data below from

Coinbase fees

After you have typed in the amount, select the ‘Preview Buy’ button.

Step 5 - Confirm your order and buy Bitcoin!

buy now on coinbase
BUY NOW on coinbase
Hit BUY NOW after checking all details

You have made it on to the final and most important step!


It is crucial at this stage to check, double check and to triple check that all the following details are correct before proceeding on to buy Bitcoin:


  • You are buying, not selling or converting
  • Bitcoin has been selected as your asset choice
  • Your payment method is correct and valid (this should be automatic from when you created the account)
  • The total is the correct amount you’ve budgeted for

Hit 'Buy Now'!

Congratulations! You have now purchased your first cryptocurrency! That’s how quick and simple it is to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.

It can be overwhelming when you first begin investing in Bitcoin. Now you know how quick and simple it is to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase you will have the confidence to begin your crypto journey!

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Now you understand how to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, click here to learn how to CONVERT CRYPTOCURRENCY on Coinbase.

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Now that you know how and why it is so simple to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase, if you’re wondering the best ways to keep your Bitcoin safe – click here!

There are many great crypto wallets out there, do your own research and decide which one is best for you. The reviews for Coinbase speak volumes though, for most there’s no doubting how simple and safe it is to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase.

Drop us a comment below if there is anything else you are unsure about – we are here to help! Let us know if you enjoyed our article on how to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.

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