Ivan on Tech Academy: The No.1 Blockchain Education Platform [2020]

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Ivan Liljeqvist is a computer programmer, Youtube creator and crypto influencer. He runs the largest blockchain educational establishment available -
The Ivan On Tech Academy is like no other contemporary educational platform.

Ivan, 24, known to most as ‘Ivan On Tech’ – is a public speaker and an educator, who comes to you live from Stockholm, Sweden, each and every morning for ‘Good Morning Crypto’ – an hour of the latest updates in Crypto news and thoughts.

Good Morning Crypto

Good Morning Crypto broadcasts live from Ivan’s own website and is uploaded to Youtube the same morning. With so many crypto-youtubers being banned or blocked recently, it comes as no surprise that he is buidling his own social community platform for his live streams and webinars, bringing his army of crypto warriors with him.

His mother, a mathematician, introduced Ivan to programming from the age of 9. He quickly began making computer games for fun. Ivan began studying blockchain in 2014 and used his knowledge of Javascript  to start buidling Dapps (decentralized apps)  using Ethereum’s Solidity programming language.

Ivan did not follow the traditional lifestyle patterns and behaviours of the stereotypical programmer. A competitive swimmer from a young age, he is seemingly conscientious about health. In a recent interview with Forbes, he attributes his participation in competitive sport to his appreciation of healthy competition and discipline, teaching him vital social skills and learning to overcome adversity.

His Youtube channel has 224k subscribers at the time of writing. Starting in 2017, the channel has produced some of the most insightful and informative crypto-related content to date.

Ivan’s Good Morning Crypto show takes long-form, podcast style discussion and somehow manages to condense it into articulate, engaging, hour-long news-like episodes.

Not only can you catch Ivan live on his tech live-stream every morning, Ivan has put a tremendous amount of thought and effort on how to build the best cryptocurrency academy possible.

Introducing the Ivan on Tech Academy...

Ivan on Tech and the community which forms the academy is the premiere blockchain and crypto education platform with over 15,000 students currently enrolled. This online learning community provides personal mentors to help you plan your learning path. There really is no better way to get up to speed in the world of crypto.

Until recently, cryptocurrency education has consisted predominantly of daily speculation by a number of crypto enthusiasts. While the technical analysis of Youtubers such as ‘Crypto Jebb’ and the insights from channels like ‘Crypto Zombie’, no one really competes with Ivan’s ability to deliver articulate, insightful commentary and insight with well informed economic and financial fundamentals.

Enrolment to the academy requires no previous experience in coding or programming. The courses are designed to give people the tools they need to gain employment in the fast-moving world of blockchain. There are so many roles and opportunities available in the blockchain sector that now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game!

The Ivan on Tech Academy is built around a large network of industry professionals who are on hand to give advice and guide you through your learning. The academy also works in partnership with huge global organisations on the cutting edge of blockchain and finance.

The platform provides a tailored experience for each of it’s students. At the beginning of the process, each student establishes their targets and goals, which are complimented by a personalized learning plan. 

With so many resources available, students are able to get to grips with the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency before deciding the next steps to their learning path and career goal. Ivan also provides regular updates on crypto and tech through the academy

Ivan is on the ball with tech and the academy is his life's work

Ivan shares his experience on the evolution of Tech providing students within the academy with the tools and experience they need to gain employment within the blockchain sector. 

Whether as a developer, a marketer or a graphic designer, there is an ever-increasing number of roles within the blockchain sector which companies are desperate to fill. 

Ivan is on a tech quest with the academy and there has never been a better time to get involved.

The fact that the academy works directly with these organisations to provide a fast track to employment is quite exciting. There are many fantastic testimonials from students who started the course with zero prior knowledge and have landed themselves jobs in blockchain.

You can read here Jonathan Verhaeghe’s review following completion of the Deep Blockchain Fundamentals course through the academy. He explains in detail how he has achieved his goals and how he has been able to carry the skills he has acquired thoughout his journey into his personal and business life.

Ivan is on the ball when it comes to tech and this is apparent in his commitment to the academy. He lives this everyday. He sets an example by which people can forge their own path to financial freedom, which is exactly what he has done.

Ivan often refers to the austerity he deploys in his everyday life, from finances and economics to buying the best value products in the supermarket. His motto is ‘don’t get rich quick, get rich for good’, which has resonated with many people.

In 2019 he was awarded ‘Digital Educator of The Year’ at the Consid Awards. However, when asked about the ‘Crypto Influencer of the Year’ awards during his live broadcasts, he really doesn’t seem to care too much about the accolade. 

During the Good Morning Crypto broadcasts’ live “Superchat” (Which he and his team created!), viewers can ask Ivan anything. Ivan and his team are on hand to answer any tech questions you might have about the academy or anything crypto related. 

Ivan On Tech Superchat
Confetti shot on Good Morning Crypto Superchat

Ivan is always keen to answer as many questions as possible, but while other influencers in the space are asking fans to vote for them, Ivan prefers to move on with the show and “talk about more important things.” This is a true testament to the guy’s character and work ethic.

The young entrepreneur isn’t just providing a future for himself, he is giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn important information about a developing field with a high demand for employment, while giving students the tools they need to get there.

He really seems to practice what he preaches. His Youtube channel may be among the most, if not the most successful channel in the field. Considering the amount of crypto-channels which have been banned or shut down for no apparent reason, it makes sense that Ivan has been buidling his own community outside of mainstream social media.

Episodes of Good Morning Crypto are uploaded to Youtube only after they are live streamed on Ivan’s own website. He is quite open about the fact that, at any given moment his channel, like many other channels could be removed from Youtube without prior warning or reason.

Should the worst happen, Ivan has a dedicated following outside of Youtube with around 600 people tuning in daily for his live streams. As these same videos go out on Youtube, any viewers who prefer to watch on Youtube will know exactly where to go if the channel goes down.

Whether you’re watching Good Morning Crypto, following up on the topics discussed in the show, or studying with the academy, Ivan is the most engaging educator in blockchain and crypto.

If you want an inspiring insight into the future of digital money then you can hear Ivan’s thoughts on all things tech related at the academy and every morning here.

Ivan has delivered several workshops, conferences and lectures about cryptocurrency and blockchain and is regarded within the community as somewhat of a guru.

Ivan on Tech and his esteemed academy have systematically lowered the perceived threshold for entry into the world of crypto, showing this exciting new prospect to be attainable, digestible and appealing to businesses, banks and individuals alike.

Ivan on Tech conference

We wouldn’t have been able to create this site without Ivan, Ivan On Tech and the amazing team at the academy. His students are pushing the entire crypto industry by creating and contributing to its development.

If you’re considering an online course in any blockchain or crypto related subject, we strongly recommend checking out The Ivan On Tech Academy here.

The crypto world is full of scammers, false marketing and disingenuous marketing practices. Some projects are built solely to do everything they can to grab your money.

Most smart investors are aware of this, and know how to separate the marketing talk from the actual technology they are investing in.

If you want to be that next investor finding the next 1000x coin, then you need to be able to tell the difference between projects that are great and projects that are BS.

The Ivan on Tech Academy teaches you the fundamentals of blockchain and crypto and helps guide you through the jungle of different blockchain protocols, tokens and consensus algorithms.

Frequently asked questions

  • “Do I need to be a programmer to join the Academy?”

NO – you don’t need any prior experience in computer programming.

  • “Can I do this alongside my 9-5 job?”

Absolutely! The course material is available in video format whenever you want to learn.

  • “Do I need to attend the courses in real time?”

No, the courses consist of on demand video and you can study at your own pace whenever you want.

  • “How does it work?”

All of the course material will be available in video format on an online teaching platform, where you will be able to log in and access the course material whenever you like. 

There are no fixed hours so anyone can take the course, regardless of your job situation. You will also get assignments and homework for you to do on your own, in order to solidify your knowledge.

Ivan is a regular contributor on the forums exploring the world of tech alongside his students within the academy.

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