The 9 Top Crypto YouTubers You MUST Follow In 2021!

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As Bitcoin smashes it’s all-time high, breaking that psychological barrier of $20k, crypto mania is really beginning to heat up. With so much development in the blockchain industry this year, there’s no wonder that so much crypto-related content is flooding the internet. However, it can be difficult to distinguish those that are in it to pump their own bags and those that create exciting and informative content. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021.

There has never been a better time to get into cryptocurrency. The use cases for blockchain technology are increasing exponentially as it becomes increasingly adopted globally. The internet is full of useful resources to keep up to date with the latest news, which is why we created this list of the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021. Also, if you missed it, make sure you check out our Top 5 Crypto YouTubers article from earlier this year.

So here goes… In no particular order…

 The Top Crypto YouTubers to Follow in 2021:


DataDash is currently the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel, with 362K subscribers. Established in July 2017 by Nicholas Merten, creator of Digifox, DataDash is a one-stop-shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies and financial markets.

Digifox is an all-in-one mobile DeFi app within a sleek user interface. Nicholas has been working relentlessly over the years, so watch out for more updates from Digifox!

DataDash is considered by many to be the benchmark for crypto Youtubers. The content covers many areas of the cryptocurrency space that are often overlooked.

Combining elements of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, DataDash provides an in-depth view of the many complexities of blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you want a comprehensive guide to the vast world of blockchain, make sure you subscribe to DataDash.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily has been in the YouTube game since August 2014. Cameron, the O.G behind the channel, has created some of the most hilarious content of any crypto YouTuber to date. Cameron is passionate about two things – crypto, and memes. This is what makes Crypto Daily stand out from the crowd.

Crypto Daily uploads on a somewhat ad-hoc basis. You might be fooled by his tongue-in-cheek editing, but his experience in the game is not to be underestimated. Crypto Daily brings a healthy dose of humor to the space. Each episode is different from the last, and viewers never know quite what to expect! Crypto Daily brings all of the fun. 

The crypto meme review playlist is perhaps the greatest compilation on YouTube at present. If you haven’t already, go check out Crypto Daily and make sure to subscribe!

Young And Investing

Quinten Francois is the man behind the YouTube channel Young And Investing. He is also the author of ‘De bitcoin(r)evolutie’. Operating from Belgium, Quinten joined YouTube in April 2017 and has since acquired almost 73k subscribers. His channel provides a unique approach to cryptocurrency investment for all ages. As the name of his YouTube channel suggests, Quinten is younger than the typical crypto trader. Nonetheless, he is certainly one of the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021.

Quinten has disclosed on several occasions that his crypto portfolio is more alt-heavy than the average investor. However, this is in part due to his ability to pick out hidden gems and hodl for the long-term. Despite holding less BTC and ETH than many other investors, the Young And Investing channel always emphasizes the importance of risk management and portfolio balance. This appeals to viewers with a larger risk appetite. 

Young And Investing provides cryptocurrency reviews, market updates, and tutorials. Quentin frequently discusses his own cryptocurrency portfolio while sharing general investment tips and knowledge. The channel provides a unique insight into the risk strategy implemented by a younger trader while showing the importance of portfolio and risk management. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and stay informed!

Crypto WendyO

Joining YouTube in April 2018, California-based Crypto WendyO produces a wide variety of crypto content. This includes interviews, project reviews, discussion pieces, technical analysis, and market updates. The Crypto WendyO YouTube Channel has over 16k subscribers and is growing rapidly.

Crypto WendyO produces content relating to every aspect of cryptocurrency. “Everything crypto, every day”. This includes several interviews with various high-profile names. Recent highlights include interviews with legendary investor Tim Draper, and Tron co-founder, Justin Sun.

Crypto WendyO also covers many specific subjects within the various blockchain ecosystems. The channel is a comprehensive guide to the latest happenings in the world of crypto that relates to experienced viewers and newcomers alike.

Crypto WendyO takes complex topics and breaks them down into digestible, entertaining videos. Beyond YouTube, Crypto WendyO is the host of the Trader Talk podcast released every Wednesday on YouTube and Spotify. The podcast follows the journey of successful investors and offers an insight into the industry. With a strong network and a clear insight into the industry, Crypto WendyO is absolutely among the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021.

The Moon

Carl, aka “The Moon” is considered by many to be an expert in technical analysis. He created The Moon YouTube channel in December 2017 and has since gained 148k subscribers. Carl is one of the biggest Bitcoin bulls in the industry and believes that it will one day change the world.

The Moon focuses on Bitcoin news and Bitcoin price action. Each video contains technical analysis that is easy to follow, even for beginners. The Moon also incorporates in-depth technical analysis, crypto news, and updates, along with a time-sensitive fundamental analysis.

Carl is well respected in the crypto community, and this is for good reason. The Moon promotes crypto trading in a unique, educational way. This appeals to both newcomers and trading veterans.

Often, The Moon publishes price predictions for cryptocurrency trading. Although Carl states clearly that he does not offer financial advice, his calls are often on point! The Moon is one of the top YouTubers to follow In 2021. If you want to gain a better understanding of technical analysis and price charts, make sure you hit that subscribe button.

Crypto Lark

Crypto Lark is where you subscribe for all of the hottest… and all of the latest going on in the wild, wild land of crypto! Lark is an O.G in the crypto space. With over 160k subscribers, Lark delivers the most up-to-date news and insights in crypto. Also, Lark has his eye on the ball when it comes to new projects. Although he is always keen to stress the importance of doing your own research and conducting appropriate risk management, Crypto Lark is often ahead of the game when it comes to picking out the hottest up-and-coming projects.

Lark Davis is the most popular investing and Bitcoin personality in New Zealand. Lark combines his scientific background with sharp wit and critical insight into the crypto markets and the macroeconomic landscape. Furthermore, if there were a separate list for “best shirts worn by crypto YouTubers”, Crypto Lark would be firmly at the top.

Crypto Lark also publishes a weekly Wealth Mastery report full of the latest insights from the brightest minds in crypto. Crypto Lark also offers several courses for beginners that want to further their crypto education.

That Martini Guy

That Martini Guy is a Bitcoin news and cryptocurrency YouTube channel. Debuting on YouTube in October 2016, the channel releases daily content covering a variety of topics within the cryptocurrency space. The channel has since exploded in popularity, with over 50k subscribers.

Born in the north of England, That Martini Guy aka TMG, is host to one of the fastest-growing crypto YouTube channels. If you like your technical and fundamental analysis delivered at pace, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Involved in Bitcoin since 2013, TMG is predominantly a cryptocurrency & stock investor. However, That Martini Guy first entered the YouTube space focusing predominantly on cars. Despite this, TMG has been through several bull and bear markets. He’s seen it all.

Since then, the channel has gone from strength to strength. TMG is able to squeeze in more high-quality information into a single sentence than any other commentator in the space. His no-nonsense approach and absolute integrity are a credit to the entire crypto industry. Also, TMG has begun putting out two videos per day, which shows some serious dedication. That Martini Guy delivers the most up-to-date content and crypto analysis in an intelligent, articulate, and witty fashion. TMG, you’ve put Yorkshire on the map!

Recently, TMG began writing a column for City A.M, a reputable London-based business media outlet. You would never have guessed that this is his first major publication of the sort. We hope to see That Martini Guy continue to share his expertise across new mediums like this in the future.

Check out the story behind his success on his YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!

Ellio Trades

Former FUD TV broadcaster Ellio Trades is a crypto YouTuber and Unreal Engine developer. A self-declared “NFT Maximalist”, Ellio Trades brings a unique perspective to the crypto YouTubers space. Joining in January 2018, the channel has since gained over 100k subscribers.

Ellio Trades gives a unique perspective on the blockchain industry, covering many angles. With a background in gaming, Ellio Trades has brought a lot of attention to blockchain gaming and the NFT space.

The channel draws attention to some of the most niche corners of the cryptosphere. Ellio has a talent for picking out hidden gems and this appeals heavily to altcoin traders. Despite a heavy emphasis on altcoins, Ellio Trades publishes sensible content that promotes risk management. Despite this, Ellio Trades does not shy away from the high-risk, exotic projects that can make or break an investor. Ellio Trades seems to have a firm understanding of the many complexities of the blockchain industry.

Many other top YouTubers have praised Ellio Trades for his insight and dedication to the crypto community. His YouTube channel is growing rapidly. Ellio Trades is certainly one of the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021, so be sure to subscribe.

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is the essential informational portal to the world of cryptocurrencies. With a top-notch team of analysts, Coin Bureau conducts regular reviews on coins, exchanges, and the latest crypto projects.

The Channel was established in January 2019 and is hosted by Guy, the most gentlemanly figure in the crypto space. The channel boasts an array of subjects and in-depth analysis into the crypto markets and the latest projects. Also, Coin Bureau offers a weekly newsletter to give you the latest market insights directly to your inbox.

The Bureau uploads regularly and is a staple for any beginner looking for guidance in the world of crypto. Furthermore, the channel provides the latest updates on new projects, so make sure you turn those notifications on! Coin Bureau has gained almost 160k subscribers by delivering consistently high-quality content. This is why Coin Bureau makes our list of the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021.

Top Crypto YouTubers For 2021 Summary

So here’s our list of the top crypto YouTubers to follow in 2021! There is so much misinformation floating around at the moment, you must always use trustworthy, reliable sources when conducting your research.

It is not uncommon for influencers to be rewarded for promoting a project. However, the creators in this list are genuine and transparent. Each of the YouTubers we suggest is an expert in their field and conducts thorough research before making any investment.

As most of the YouTubers will tell you, beware of scammers in the comment sections. There are many people impersonating content creators, lurking in the comments section on YouTube to scam newcomers. Generally speaking, if someone offers you an investment opportunity in the comments section on YouTube, it’s a scam. Simply report it and do not interact with these bad actors. Check out our article about the Common Mistakes Made Trading Cryptocurrency here.

Reach out to us on Twitter and let us know if you agree, or if you think we missed anybody out! We’re always keen to hear your opinions and we love the interaction we have with our community.


*numbers and stats are accurate as of 16th December 2020

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